Consortium United Consortium for the Development of the Amazon (UNIDA) is a unique multi-disciplinary platform of universities, non-profit organizations and private companies working together on the sustainable development of the Amazon. The consortium was established in June 2019, based on common scientific and educational objectives, contacts and experience of all participating organizations. The consortium's coordination is a responsibility of the Mendel University in Brno. Initial impetus was given by the non-profit organization that is operating in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In this area, members of this organization, together with foreign partners, managed to create a unique nature reserve Runahurco with an area of ​​89,000 hectares, which is a model for working in other regions where the consortium operate, i.e. Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, and Brazil.


The vision of UNIDA is a society that recognizes social responsibility for the use of all its resources, both human and natural.


The mission of UNIDA is to create an educational platform based on excellent interdisciplinary cooperation with the emphasis on the needs and involvement of local actors.


UNIDA was established on the ideals of democracy and humanism. Consortium members share enthusiasm for working with the disadvantaged ethnic minorities living in the Amazon region. Thanks to their experience from this area and an interest of foreign organizations will all members respond together to the needs of the local population.